21 Funny & Great Customer Service Memes (2023)

Memes are perhaps one of the most potent ways to communicate. They are infinitely shareable, can be easily understood, and make you think.

The most common type of meme is a humorous one. Using a humorous meme can not only increase your conversion but also will make your customer service process more efficient. The thing is that the visual content is much more powerful than the written text and it helps you to convey the message right away.

If you’ve ever been confused about what to do with a difficult customer service case or just want a laugh, check out these 22 customer service memes.

Importance of Memes in Customer Service

A recent study presented by The Direct Marketing Association confirms that customers who receive a response on social media that contains a meme are happier.

There is also a correlation between a customer’s willingness to spend with the brand and the use of memes.

In fact, those who interact with brands via social media and receive a meme are 92% more likely to have a positive perception of the brand and spending habits.

Funny Customer Service Meme

Having a bad day makes you want to forget about your clients. The best way to deal with this is to lighten up and make a joke out of it, even though you may have just wasted time for a client and money for your company.

Let’s take a look at some of the funny customer service memes.

1. It is one of the most popular customer service memes online. If your customer service is poor, then your customer will look at the brand or company that delivers great customer service.

21 Funny & Great Customer Service Memes (1)

2. This meme clearly illustrates the importance of good service. Bad customer service is a big threat to your business. It can kill your entire business surely.

21 Funny & Great Customer Service Memes (2)

3. There is no doubt that the holiday is the best time for all but think for a minute about the people who work on holiday in particular in customer service.

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21 Funny & Great Customer Service Memes (3)

4. No matter how angry you are, a customer service rep will always deal with you with a calm voice.

21 Funny & Great Customer Service Memes (4)

5. To get customer service, sometimes it feels like the waiting will never end. How long did you wait to get customer service? Did you ever feel like this?

21 Funny & Great Customer Service Memes (5)

6. It is often said by many that the customer is always right. If you’re doing a job in customer service you’ll feel it every second.

21 Funny & Great Customer Service Memes (6)

Humorous Customer Service Meme

Customer service can be a big deal for any business and when it comes to businesses, memes have become a way to connect with customers.

Today, people have become too much busy that they are not able to spend much time on social media.

They barely have time for their family. So, memes are liked by all as it gives them relaxation from work stress, and in return, you will get more good reviews and more profits.

There are a lot of companies that doze their customers with their quality and services. But you can easily beat them if you use great customer service memes. These memes show you how those companies treat their clients and in return, these memes will help you to get more customers and in the end, you will earn more profits.

Through memes, even your customers will be motivated by them. So, you can easily win your clients’ hearts through great customer service memes. Motivating your clients is more important than anything else as it will help you to easily differentiate yourself from other companies.

So, use great customer service memes and become successful because there is no match for quality products at a reasonable cost if you can’t take care of the clients.

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7. Just think about the guy who works in customer service on the night shift. It’s really challenging.

21 Funny & Great Customer Service Memes (7)

8. How do you feel when a customer service representative says “ I completely understand your frustration, Sir”?

21 Funny & Great Customer Service Memes (8)

9. Did you ever go through like this situation? After solving your issues a customer service rep always asks for a review. How do you feel about it?

21 Funny & Great Customer Service Memes (9)

10. No matter what is going on with customer service agents in their personal life, they always give you a smile when they talk with you.

21 Funny & Great Customer Service Memes (10)

11. Customer support agents often push each other when a customer comes with any issues. Did you ever feel like this?

21 Funny & Great Customer Service Memes (11)

12. All days are not the same in customer service. Some days are cool, but at the same time, some days are very challenging. Don’t forget to give smile when you’re supporting the customer.

21 Funny & Great Customer Service Memes (12)

Bad Customer Service Memes

The future of customer service is to make it better. No one wants to go through the pain and frustration of dealing with bad customer service. So when you get bad customer service, it’s good to know that you can share memes about it!

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Bad Memes in customer service is a place for all the best memes about awful customer service.

13. Sometimes poor customer service can ruin your entire day, in particular, when you go to them with a problem that needs to be fixed immediately.

21 Funny & Great Customer Service Memes (13)

14. A customer expects the solution 24/7. When they encounter any problem then they reach out to customer service reps to solve their problem. Make sure your customer support agents are available 24/7, even during the holidays.

21 Funny & Great Customer Service Memes (14)

15. Make sure your customer service is healthy and don’t let your customer stay with problems. Your customer service should be strongest as your company is.

21 Funny & Great Customer Service Memes (15)

16. Serve the customer faster. Don’t deliver the service like a Sloth. Otherwise, your customer will go to your competitor who delivers the service like Rabbit.

21 Funny & Great Customer Service Memes (16)

17. If you deliver poor customer service there is no doubt that the customer will also go to the next stage to give you a low rating.

21 Funny & Great Customer Service Memes (17)

Positive Customer Service Meme

Positive memes are a nice way for customers to communicate with companies and other customers about their experiences. A lot of the time, companies are using the same kinds of memes over and over again. By moving to more positive ones, companies can communicate with their customers without being negative.

A study was conducted by the University of Washington to understand the impact of a positive customer service meme on customers’ buying behavior. With the help of “John”, the researchers observed how the shopping experience turns out when a customer receives a bad customer service meme in comparison to a good one.

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The result is quite shocking for the researchers as it showed that 50% more customers responded to a positive customer service meme than compared to a bad one. On the other hand, only 16% of customers responded to a bad customer service meme.

18. Customer becomes happy and satisfied when they get the best customer service experience and are turned immediately into a loyal customer.

21 Funny & Great Customer Service Memes (18)

19. Deliver the best possible customer service and make the customer happy. They will be your repeat customer and you’ll win in business.

21 Funny & Great Customer Service Memes (19)

20. When you make the customer feel valued and respected then you’ll their priceless reaction.

21 Funny & Great Customer Service Memes (20)

Welcome to the Customer Service Meme

Use memes in correspondence with its customers. There is no doubt that is welcoming customer service memes make it easier to attract customers’ attention, create an effective mailing list, and nurture relationships.

If you want to build a personalized relationship with the customer then here are some customer service memes you can use to upbeat your customer.

21. Customer service agents never get tired of welcoming you. No matter how many times you get back to them.

21 Funny & Great Customer Service Memes (21)


It’s no secret that customer service is the challenging part of a business. Sometimes you have to go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure your customers are happy.

These customer service memes can help you to laugh when you’re encountering the most challenging time to serve the customer.



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