25 Funny Customer Service Memes (2023)

Working in customer service can be difficult. There are customer complaints to deal with, customers asking to speak to the manager, customers who are just plain rude, and calls that come in just before you leave for the day. Not to mention all the other myriad of tasks that service reps have to deal with.

Service reps are tasked with the huge responsibility of keeping customers happy, delivering great customer service, and generally solving problems for customers.

If you’re a customer service rep, there’s a broad range of situations that you’ll be able to identify with that might have you shaking your head or laughing out loud. All service reps have something in common when it comes to dealing with all sorts of customers.

When you’re holding your head in your hands and wishing you were anywhere else, these customer service memes can help improve your mood and see the funny side of customer service.

What makes a good customer service meme?

A good customer service meme makes light of some of the struggles of working in customer service. It’s not vicious and aggressive, but gently pokes fun at some of the situations that arise during the working day.

As customer service reps, we generally love working in our jobs and helping customers. But there will always be those times when customers are more than a little bit frustrating and we can’t resist poking fun at them.

Customer service memes should be relatable and funny, making you laugh rather than making you want to cry.

25 great customer service memes

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1. Too busy to stop!

We all have those moments where we are already doing five things and a customer comes up to you asking for help. It seems really obvious that you’re busy but the customer wants help right now. You’re expected to drop everything and attend to the customer but it’s hard when you have so many competing priorities. How can you help the customer when you’re already being split five different ways?

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2. Are you a Disney princess?

This meme is pretty self-explanatory, poking fun at how working in customer service turns you from being a bubbly, innocent princess into a jaded and evil queen. Sometimes it can feel like working in customer service wears you down and you lose your sense of starry-eyed wonder as you’re forced to deal with a series of difficult situations.

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3. How is your day going?

Sometimes you’re just having a bad day, but you have to keep a brave face on it when you’re talking to customers. This expression perfectly captures the fake smile that customer service reps have to wear when they’re really dying inside, and in no mood to be talking to customers. Still, it’s nice when someone takes the time to ask how your day is going.

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4. Customer complaints

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We’ve all had those customers who take issue with the rules of the business and then blame you as if it’s all your fault. Customer service reps are the frontlines of the company and therefore take the brunt of customer dissatisfaction. It can be hard to find the patience to listen to these types of customers when there’s really nothing you can do about their grievance.

5. Customers who want a refund

Then there are those customers who want a refund for a product that has very obviously been used and is no longer in new condition. It can feel like these customers are trying to take advantage of the customer’s refund policy and it’s your job as a customer service rep to refuse the refund. These situations can be awkward and uncomfortable, to say the least.

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6. Transferring a customer to another department

It might not be the most charitable attitude but you can’t help feeling relieved when a seriously difficult customer turns out to be someone else’s problem. You feel the smile slowly spread across your face as you tell the customer you need to transfer them to another department.

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7. Not feeling it today

Every customer service rep can relate to the feeling of being in a bad mood but having to pretend otherwise when you’re in work. You’re putting on a show for the world even though you’re breaking a little bit inside.

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8. Too many customers to handle

You’ve not got enough people in to handle the volume of customers that are flooding in with enquiries. You could do with at least twenty more tennis rackets to volly back the balls that are being thrown at you.

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9. I don’t have time for this

It can be nice when customers want to chat but sometimes you don’t have time to listen to someone’s life story before they get to the point. You have other customers waiting and you wish the customer on the other end of the line would hurry up.

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10. It’s tiring pretending to care

It’s surprising how misanthropic some people working in customer service can actually be. It’s a real effort to pretend to like people and after a long hard day you just want to relax in the bath with a glass of wine.

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11. I want to go for lunch!

This is the face you make when you have to help a customer during your lunch break. Everyone needs a break from their shift and it doesn’t help when it feels like a customer is taking a long time.

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12. Being professional at all times

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There will always be those annoying customers who seem to make trouble for the sake of it. It’s hard maintaining a professional demeanor at all times but you can do it when you scream internally.

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13. Working in retail is hard

When you work in retail you’ve got to keep the store floor looking good at all times. You spend ages fixing a display and then a customer comes along and messes it up. It’s hard to keep your temper but you just fix them with an evil glare.

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14. Never answer back

Some customers are argumentative and it can be hard to resist answering back. You can end up looking like Kermit the Frog as you struggle to maintain a straight face, the picture of serenity in the face of adversity.

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15. The customer is always right

Similarly, you can end up with a very glazed expression when customers are behaving badly. In an ideal world, customers would never yell at you and all of them would be sweetness and light. In reality, sometimes customers are truly hell.

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16. I want to go home!

Working in the call center is hard enough but it can be incredibly frustrating when you’re about to leave for the day and a call comes in. In fact, it makes you want to cry. And it turns out they have a long story to tell, too.

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17. Customers don’t make it easy to help them

When customers blame you for their problems it doesn’t make it easy to want to help them, especially when the issues are caused by your customers themselves. In fact, it might make you want to throw your headset across the room.

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18. Sorry, no discount

Customers like discounts, but sometimes it’s not possible to give it to them. Customers might complain but there’s nothing you can do, so your face takes on a stony look as they try to fight their corner.

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19. This is where I come to cry

When you’re asked to show the new employee around, it’s not a fun experience. You show them the corner of the store where you come to cry, and they take it in their stride. This is a joke – or is it?

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20. I want to speak to your manager!

It can be satisfying when a customer demands to speak to your manager, and your manager tells them the exact same thing that you did. It’s hard not to let a smug expression cross your face as you watch the customer put in their place.

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21. Customers don’t pay attention

Everyone can relate to those customers who ask a really obvious question. There are big signs all around the store and yet the customer still asks whether you sell phones here. Are you required to answer them?

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22. I will never shop here again

Customers who are unhappy tell you they will never shop here again, and it couldn’t be plainer that you just don’t care. You didn’t need their business anyway.

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23. I don’t have time to talk to you!

It can be nice when customers want to have a conversation with you but the reality is you have a thousand one things to do. This is your expression when customers keep you talking and you don’t know how to get away.

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24. Being polite to customers

When you enquire after your customer’s wellbeing and they don’t respond, it can be extremely demoralizing. You may as well just not have asked at all.

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25. Waiting for customers

When there’s a huge queue behind them and you’re waiting for the customer to go get their wallet from their car, you may well have died before the time they get back.

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Wrapping up

There are many situations in customer service that make us laugh and maybe want to cry. These memes are relatable for anyone who has worked in the industry and can help brighten up anyone’s day.

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Whether it’s rude customers, or customers who seem to take ages, we’ve all had those experiences with difficult customers that can make working in customer service feel like hell. Thankfully, not every day makes us think of these memes and customer service can actually be very rewarding.


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