Animals In Glacier National Park - (2023)

Glacier Park Animals: Grizzly Bears

Glacier Bay National Park – Pristine Beauty in Alaska’s South | Free Documentary Nature

The Grizzly Bear is the ultimate icon of Glacier National Park, and is the true “symbol of the North American Wilderness.” There’s no other animal in North America that provokes such a strong emotion of reverence and awe. These magnificent animals are so big and so powerful that they indeed have the deserved respect and admiration of anyone who sees them in the wild. But not only are these bears big and strong, they are also extremely graceful and fast, which makes these animals even more incredible and amazing. When you see your first grizzly in the wilds of Glacier, you will never be the same, and your life will be the better for it. There is something about a Grizzly Bear that captures your soul and then completely sets it free.

We have seen grizzlies on nearly every trail in the park, but keep in mind, we put more than a thousand miles each summer on these trails, so our odds go up significantly. We have not only seen grizzlies on the trails, but we have also met up with grizzlies on the summits of huge mountain peaks during the month of August when they are “mothing”.

But no matter how many times we’ve crossed paths with grizzly bears, we are ALWAYS in complete awe and admiration. We never get used to seeing them, and we are always extremely grateful to be able to share Glacier with these amazing creatures.

The Cheapest Time To Visit Glacier National Park

During the winter , passes to Glacier National Park drop in price. While a seven-day private vehicle pass typically costs $35, it drops to $25 during the winter months. And the per-person entrance fee goes from $20 to $15.

According to the NPS, “A vehicle reservation is required for vehicles entering Going-to-the-Sun Road and the North Fork area between May 27 and Sept. 11, 2022. In addition to a vehicle reservation, you will also need a park pass.”

It’s also a good idea to plan your lodging and dining options in advance. Accommodations vary, from a historic lodge to wilderness campsites, motels, motor inns, and even two backcountry chalets, but make sure to book ahead.

What Wildlife Can You See And Photograph In Glacier National Park

When you set off on hiking adventures in Glacier National Park, certain representatives of the local wildlife may observe you from a distance. If youre lucky, you can spot them as well. With that said, the most popular animals to see in the park are either large and fearless as the bears are or tiny and fast like a blizzard. The latter category includes pikas or chipmunks.

The other popular animals to encounter in the area includes moose, mountain goats, elk, and bighorn sheep. So keep your binoculars handy and have your cameras set up to see and photograph the following members of the extended wildlife of Glacier National Park.

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Glacier National Park Wildlife Viewing Guide


  • Wildlife in Other National Parks
  • One of the best U.S. national parks to see wildlife, Glacier National Park is home to almost all of its historic species.

    After gray wolves migrated back into the park from Canada in the late 1980s, there are now only two original species missing: the American bison and woodland caribou.

    Theres a reason Glacier National Park is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. An ecological stronghold in the heart of North America, the park positively teems with wildlife. Its part of the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem, one of the largest intact ecosystems in the United States, home to a wealth of iconic American mammals.

    From both black and grizzly bears to wolves and wolverines to moose, mountain goats and bighorn sheep, you can see lots of amazing animals in Glacier National Park.

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    Other Glacier National Park Wildlife:

    Animals In Glacier National Park - (1)
  • Often seen in herds or small groups.
  • Areas like Logan Pass are an almost guaranteed place to spot them.
  • American Dippers
  • Look for them in calm waters having a bath and bouncing around.
  • Watch the skies for these amazing avians soaring over you. We often see them on our raft trips. They sometimes dive into the river to go after a fish.
  • This member of the cat family might even be harder to see than a wolverine. Watch the trees as you hike Glaciers forest. They often have a favorite they hang out in.
  • On your next Glacier Park Rafting trip be sure to ask your guide for their stories of wolves, wolverines, and bears. They might just tell you the secrets on where to find Glacier National Parks most fantastic beasts.

    We hope youll consider joining Glacier Raft Company for a trip down the river. Our attention to detail along with a strong emphasis on safety, experience, and customer service make us the perfect match for your family or group whitewater rafting experience.

    Images used in this entry were obtained from Wikimedia, and are the works of National Park Employees

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    Iconic Animals To See In Glacier National Park

    Heres a list of the most high-profile wildlife you can see in Glacier National Park. Ive included the best places to see each specific animal in the park .

    Note that some animals are very abundant and almost guaranteed to be seen, while others are uncommon to rare.

    Some species, although present, arent seen even by people who spend years, if not decades, living in or visiting the park.

    For example, I can promise you that youll see bighorn sheep and mountain goats if you spend a couple of hours at and around Logan Pass in the morning and/or evening.

    On the other hand, there are only about 50 wolverines in Glacier National Park. Even though that means Glacier has the densest wolverine population in the contiguous United States, your chances of actually seeing one of these shy and elusive animals are exceptionally low.

    Iconic Mammals in Glacier National Park

    Iconic Birds in Glacier National Park

    In addition to these large mammals, Glacier National Park is also home to more than 260 species of birds. A remarkably high number considering how far north the park is, this is due to Glaciers extensive patchwork of diverse habitats, from aquatic and riparian to terrestrial.

    When visiting and exploring Glacier, watch for iconic birds like American dippers, bald eagles, osprey, common loons, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, ptarmigans and harlequin ducks.

    What Wildlife Lives In Glacier

    Glacier National Park is home to many wild animals, with over 71 species of mammals, 276 species of birds, dozens of fish, amphibians, thousands of species of insects, and even reptiles! Most of these wild species are uniquely adapted to the high alpine and cold habitats of Glacier National Park. Whether your hiking, driving, or rafting along with us, keep your eyes peeled when youre in the right areas! Remember, all wildlife deserves are respect and never approach a wild animal.

    Three Most Asked about Wildlife of Glacier National Park.

    1. Wolves

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    These Are The Best Times To Visit Glacier National Park In Montana For Warm Weather Fewer Crowds Affordable Prices And More

    Glacier National Park may be one of the nation’s most popular national parks, but thanks to its spacious 1,583 square miles of wilderness home to more than 762 lakes and 700 miles of hiking trails it’s maintained a sense of solitude. The preserved piece of land is a haven for 71 animal species, 276 documented types of birds, and the three million human visitors it draws each year.

    It doesn’t matter if you visit for a week or a single day, or if you prefer to hike or explore by car there’s plenty to do and see . And that’s true whether you visit in July or January. While the park is open year-round, there are certain benefits to visiting during particular seasons. To help you plan your trip, we’ve compiled a little guide on the best times to visit Glacier National Park.

    Education Helps With Glaciers Dangerous Creatures

    Wildlife Photography – Bears, Fox, Bighorn Sheep – Glacier National Park

    When traveling to any park, take time to read the local guidelines and learn about the creatures that live there. Glacier National Park is a must-see destination. We just have to remember to be respectful toward its many residents.

    With a bit of homework and a checklist in hand, we know youll enjoy your time at Glacier. Grab a buddy and enjoy this hikers paradise.

    Have you run into any dangerous creatures at a national park?

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    Tips On Where To Go And What Animals To Look For

    The wildlife in Glacier National Park is phenomenal to see, but when you arrive at Glacier Park be prepared to work hard for your animal sightings. The dense coniferous forests and rocky terrain makes viewing wildlife a challenge.

    Often, visitors arrive from Yellowstone National Park with stories of seeing an abundance of grizzly bears, moose, bison, and other creatures. Yellowstone is a wondrous park to see wildlife because of the vast open prairies. Glacier National Park offers many hiding places for animals, so wildlife sightseeing becomes a fun travel game as you traverse the Going to the Sun Road and trek around other areas in Glacier.

    From the grizzly bear and black bear to the bighorn sheep and mountain goats, here are the best places to see wildlife as you drive through Glacier National Park:

    Logan Pass: Logan Pass is the highest elevated point along the Going to the Sun Road. This must-see stopping point offers stunning mountain views, world-class hiking trails, and wildlife viewing opportunities. Look for mountain goats at Oberlin Bend, bighorn sheep on the scree fields of Pollock Mountain, and marmots in the prairies leading to Hidden Lake.

    Two Medicine: On the East Side of Glacier National Park, only 25 minutes north of East Glacier off Highway 49 , is Two Medicine. Keep an eye out for grizzly bear and moose. While youre there take in the extraordinary mountain and lake views.

    Tiniest Dangerous Creature Hantavirus From Deer Mice

    Although you may never see deer mice during your stay, you should take precautions with where you camp and what you touch when hiking.

    Deer mice can carry a dangerous disease called Hantavirus. This virus is sinister and can lead to death if untreated. Initial symptoms are like the flu. From there, things can deteriorate rapidly. If youre showing signs, its best to pack up and go to the hospital right away.

    The good news is its pretty easy to take precautions. Hantavirus spreads from mouse urine and droppings. Dont touch the poop! And dont stay in areas that seem infested with rodents.

    You can inhale the virus as aerosols or dust, which means spraying your camp area with a water and bleach solution can help. Keep in mind, though, that bleach can harm the environment. So only spray the solution with the permission of the ranger or campground manager.

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    Glacier National Park Montana: Animals And Wildlife

    Animals in Glacier National Park include grizzly bears, mountain goats, wolves and more Learn where to view and photograph Glacier National Park wildlife

    If you have read about the weather in Glacier National Park you may wonder whether any animals in Glacier National Park could possibly survive these harsh conditions.

    Glacier National Park wildlife consists of more than 70 species of animals and hundreds of birds. Its one of the largest, natural zoos in the world!

    Although the animals in Glacier National Park are generally shy, most visitors get a sighting of some of the following:

    As Glacier is a National Park it provides a protected area for animals in Glacier National Park to roam free.

    Of course, Glacier National Park wildlife have no regard for the national park boundaries so they also wander at will to and from Canada , through the Flathead National Forest and the Bob Marshall Wilderness. The lush forests, rivers, lakes and meadows make it an animals paradise as well as a hikers dream.

    The Best Time For Photography

    Animals In Glacier National Park - (2)

    It goes without saying that there are plenty of picture-perfect photo ops in Glacier National Park. For fields of wildflowers with mountain backdrops, visit between late June and mid-August, when you’ll find yellow lilies, purple fleabanes, and pink monkeyflower blooms, to name a few. In general, Logan Pass is the place to start your wildflower search.

    For waterfall photography, visit in the spring, when the snow above is melting and the water is flowing.

    Throughout the year, you can also capture wildlife , the night sky , glaciers, and endless sunsets and sunrises.

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    Where To See And Photograph Wildlife In Glacier National Park

    Clumsy grizzly and black bears, curious mountain goats, overprotective bighorn sheep the wildlife in Glacier National Park is a valuable part of nature. Home to 71 species of mammals and nearly 300 species of birds, the area provides safe environment for the animals to thrive and ample opportunities for its human visitors to see the wild inhabitants.

    The wildlife in Glacier National Park, however, doesnt wait for a special invitation to a specific area. Neither it strives to impress the hordes of visitors gathering in the most popular animals habitats. The wild dwellers of Glacier roam freely, often popping up in the most unexpected places.

    Why do we then try to specify the areas where we have higher probability of seeing and possibly photographing the wildlife in Glacier National Park? This question comes with an easy answer. While you can spot the wildlife at any time and anywhere within Glacier National Park, some animals stick to a few particular places.

    So its not rare to see a bear, the most coveted member of the local wildlife, while driving in East Glacier. The mountain goats and bighorn sheep allure you to enter their main realm. Well dont their names already imply that these members of the wildlife reside at higher elevations in Glacier National Park?

    • Where to see wildlife in Glacier: Swiftcurrent Nature Trail
    • Avalanche Lake Trail

    Where Can Bighorn Sheep Be Found In Glacier National Park

    Bighorn sheep can be found throughout the park, but they are most commonly seen in the Logan Pass part of Glacier National Park. This is due to the fact that there are more open areas in Logan Pass, which makes it easier for them to find food. There is also less predators at this high elevation making this the ideal place to find Bighorn Sheep.

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    Other Wildlife To See And Photograph In Glacier National Park

    A much wider range of wildlife dwells and can be occasionally seen in Glacier National Park. Some wild animals barely come into contact with the human visitors, preferring solitude of the most isolated corners of the park. If you are really lucky, you can see and even photograph the following members of Glacier National Parks wildlife.

    The best places to photograph Glaciers wildlife: The area near St. Mary Lake

    The Best Time To Visit To Avoid The Crowds

    Glacier Bay National Park’s Wildlife | Alaska | Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic

    While approximately three million people visited Glacier National Park in 2021, most choose to come in the summer, when the weather is warm and the entire Going-to-the-Sun Road is open. However, if you want to avoid the crowds , plan to visit during one of the park’s off-season times.

    You can catch the fall colors in October , but keep in mind that mid-October is also when sections of the Going-to-the-Sun Road start to close. In the winter, visitors can cross-country ski or snowshoe on the closed sections of the road. Spring, meanwhile, may be the park’s quietest season. In lower elevation areas, Glacier National Park’s hiking trails will start to reopen as things thaw. According to the park’s website, the “trails on the edges of the park tend to be snow-free quicker than towards the Continental Divide or middle of the park.”

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