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Whilst the theme park season has come to an end, look out for some great Drayton Manor Out of Season Offers this winter;

Drayton Manor Winter Zoo Ticket

Here’s a great offer from Drayton Manor that secures you a Winter Zoo Ticket for just £10pp, (£9pp for concessionary tickets and under 2’s go free), out of the main theme park season. Running Monday to Wednesday on select dates from November to March, this ticket gives you access to 15 acres of open plan zoo with 500+ animal to discover plus a chance to explore the Tamarin trail, reptile house and even the Dino trail. The good news is parking is FREE and Mrs Kyndleys cafe is also open to warm you up with a hot drink & food after your wintery adventures.

TO BOOK GO TO Drayton Manor Zoo Only Ticket from £10pp.

Drayton Manor 2022 Theme Park season has now ended but we’ll bring you more details as they come in for 2023!

1. Drayton Manor Promo Code, (now expired)

For double deals look out for this promo code for Drayton Manor that offers you a further discount off online ticket prices! To take advantage of this offer, you must book online in advance with tickets purchased at least 24 hours prior to arrival of your visit. Simply book online using the promo code as you move through the transaction process to gain this further discount. This offer is not valid for tickets that includes Night at the Manor Halloween event, park buyout days & adverse weather conditions can affect ride operations.

2. Drayton Manor; Clubcard Vouchers

Tesco shoppers can pick up some easy savings at Drayton Manor by redeeming their reward clubcard vouchers. This deal offers one day entry to the park and is always a popular method to reduce entrance charges. Simply redeem your vouchers in advance and present at the ticket kiosks on the day of your visit. It is worth noting that codes are only valid against on the gate/standard pricing and cannot be used in conjunction with online ticket discounts. Find out tips and tricks with this offer over at Drayton Manor Tesco Clubcard Promotion.

3. Drayton Manor Tickets from £29pp

Save up to 30% off Drayton Manor tickets when you book online in advance in this cheap ticket offer. With tickets priced from £29pp, (£15 for 2-3 year olds), here’s a chance to enjoy substantial savings off standard price tickets for those that can plan ahead.

TO BOOK GO TO Drayton Manor Tickets.

4. Drayton Manor; Blue Light Cardholders

Blue Light card holders can enjoy further discounts on Drayton Manor ticket prices that can offer great value for money. This cheap ticket offer is only available for Drayton Manor online ticket bookings, (excludes Magical Christmas), with more details available over at Drayton Manor & Blue Light Card.

5. Drayton Manor; Adult & Toddler Tickets for £29

For those with pre-school children, check out the toddler ticket that runs Monday to Friday during Staffordshire term time. This adult & toddler ticket offers 1 adult & 1 toddler, (under 4 years), entry to the park for £29. This can offer value for money as under 2’s go free & a chance to visit Drayton Manor during less busy times. This offer is only available on select days at the park so worth double checking your date before planning your visit.

TO BOOK GO TO Drayton Manor Adult & Toddler Tickets.

6. Drayton Manor; Rainy Day Guarantee

Drayton Manor offers a FREE return visit if it rains more the 6mm rainfall during park opening hours for those that pay to hedge their bets. Whilst this used to be a free perk for those booking in advance directly with Drayton Manor, there is now a small surcharge in place, (currently £2pp). If you are valid for a free return visit, you can select any day throughout the main season through to 28th October 2022, (excluding firework events), but must be booked in advance. You will be offered this rainy day guarantee as you make your way through the booking process.

Drayton Manor; Troublesome Trucks

7. Drayton Manor; Day2Ticket

We’ve come across and an attractive Drayton Manor comeback deal that offers discounted entry for next day entry to the park. Day2Tickets are priced around £21pp, (£11 for those age 2-3) for those wanted to extend their visit. This is now available to book online. Previously, this included subsequent visits later on in the season but unfortunately this is now restricted to next day tickets only.

8. Drayton Manor & West Midlands Safari Combi Ticket,

Drayton Manor has teamed with West Midlands Safari Park to bring you a discounted joint ticket offer that offers savings this season. Here’s a chance to enjoy savings of up to 33% off single entry standard tickets with this 2-day joint ticket offer plus space out your visits as your ticket is valid until 21 October 2022, (combi tickets must be purchased online before 30 September 2022). To find out more go to t.

9. Drayton Manor Stay & Play, (Early Access)

Extend you visit with an overnight stay at the onsite hotel that comes with early access to select rides and attractions within Thomas Land. This half hour early access is available to guests on both days of their stay and is a great way to get one or two rides under your belt before the park opens to general admission. Furthermore, each hotel guests can also enjoy one exit pass per guest that effectively offers you fastrack entrance onto a selected ride, (excludes Stormforce 10 & The Haunting).

10. Drayton Manor Annual Pass

Apart from unlimited access to the park, (excluding special events), there are plenty of additional benefits that makes your Drayton Manor annual pass go further. Perks include complimentary tickets to West Midlands Safari Park, discounts on family & friends tickets & more. You can even upgrade your day ticket to an annual pass on the day of your visit that gives the option to test out the park out before you invest! Find out how you can make the most of annual membership, over at Drayton Manor Annual Membership.

LOOK OUT FOR our Drayton Manor Guide packed with hints and tips to get the most from your day out!

Drayton Manor; James & the Red Balloon

11. West Midlands Safari Passholders; FREE Entry to Drayton Manor, (now expired)

Drayton Manor have teamed up with West Midlands Safari Park whereby both attractions now offer FREE entry promotions at their respective settings to their passholders. So West Midlands Safari Annual Passholder can now take advantage of a free entry offer to Drayton Manor that is worth looking out for. Each passholder will receive a code that can be redeemed online at Drayton Manor. More details available at Free Entry Offer to Drayton Manor.

12. Drayton Manor; Group Bookings

Pick up cheap tickets to Drayton Manor is you club together and take advantage of group ticket prices. A group is defined as 30-300 people at Drayton Manor with tickets priced from £25pp when booked in advance. This option is only available on select dates at the park with more details available at Drayton Manor Group Tickets.

13. Drayton Manor; 10 Money Saving Tips & Tricks

So now you’ve bagged yourself a bargain, why not look out for our 10 money saving tips to help you get more from your day out. From lesser known attractions to bucking the trend on popular rides, you can find out more within our .

Drayton Manor; Thomas Land (photo by Tony Charnock)

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