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In addition to the physical exam in many situations x-rays of the horse’s legs are suggested. Generally, it is recommended that five radiographs of each foot be taken. Of these five radiographs, at least two views should be of the navicular bone and one should be a skyline view, which is a view from the top down onto the foot. Additionally, at least four views of the hocks should be radiographed. During the physical exam, the vet will be able to determine if any other radiographs are necessary. While x-rays are not mandatory they are generally very useful to determine if the horse is likely to stay sound and are a good investment.

Additional to x-rays, ultrasounds of the horse’s ligaments are sometimes performed during the vet check. While not recommended in all cases, ultrasounds can be very useful if the horse or pony is going to be used in a high performance situation.

Another component of the vet check is to often have blood drawn so that blood work may be done. Generally, blood tests are done to check for drugs in the horse’s system as well as any other blood diseases. Whether or not blood is drawn and tested is up to every individual buyer. In cases where the cost of the horse is high, it is often at least recommended to have the vet draw the blood and hold it for the future in case there is every any question of whether or not the horse was “drugged” during the exam.

The cost of the vet check varies greatly depending upon the veterinarian used as well the extent of the exam performed. A basic physical exam costs around $350.00 and an exam including basic x-rays of the hocks and navicular bones costs approximately $1,000.00. Obviously, the more x-rays that are taken the more the exam will cost. Additionally, the costs of ultrasounds and blood work will also increase the cost of the vet check.

While the vet check can be an expensive procedure, since you are dealing with live animals it is highly recommended.
The vet check provides the buyer with peace of mind. While unlike a car, there can never be a sure thing when it comes to horses, having a veterinarian's opinion that a horse is healthy can be very valuable in determining whether to purchase the animal.

Equine Purchase | California | Hey & Hey Attorneys at Law (2024)
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