Free Vendor Application Forms & Templates | Smartsheet (2024)

Simple Vendor Application Form Template

Free Vendor Application Forms & Templates | Smartsheet (1)

Use this simple vendor application form when approving and registering vendor applicants for an event, a conference, or a festival. Enter the vendor applicant’s tax ID, organization type (e.g., corporation, LLC, individual/sole proprietor, etc.), and contact and payment information. This easy-to-use, fully customizable template also includes a section exclusively for accounting purposes. In this section, you can specify the vendor’s status as a new or returning applicant, the type of vendor, and a unique number for tracking purposes.

For tips and advice on working with vendors, see “The Definitive Guide to Managing Vendor Relationships.”

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Food Vendor Application Template

Free Vendor Application Forms & Templates | Smartsheet (2)

Use this streamlined food vendor application template to standardize applications for trade shows, conferences, festivals, or other events. This customizable template includes sections for contact information and an overview for outlining general details of services/goods, application fees, food service permit, and more. There’s also room for food product information, including average price and number-of-servings details.

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Arts and Craft Fair Vendor Application Form

Free Vendor Application Forms & Templates | Smartsheet (3)

Designed specifically for arts and craft fair vendor applicants, this application form allows you to enter all pertinent details for those wishing to participate in your fair or festival. Arts and crafts vendor applicants can easily fill in name and contact details, select their product category (e.g., jewelry, clothing, patterns, toys, etc.), and add social media pages. Keep all applicant information in a single, uniform format, and use it to verify that you’re accepting top-notch vendors.

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Returning Artisan Vendor Application Form

Free Vendor Application Forms & Templates | Smartsheet (4)

Expedite the application process for returning artisan vendors with this application form. Returning vendors can use the form to reapply to sell their wares or services at your event. In addition to contact information, this form includes space for a tax or business license registration number and prior booth location, and it allows returning vendors to specify whether they want their prior spot or if they have a different booth-location preference. Easily gather vendor reapplication information with this returning artisan vendor application form and keep your event planning organized and up to date.

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Commercial Vendor Application Template

Free Vendor Application Forms & Templates | Smartsheet (5)

Track individual vendor applications with this basic commercial vendor application template. Vendors can select whether they are a community organization, an artisan vendor, a retail vendor, or a food vendor, so you can easily identify their category. In addition to providing a business name and contact information, applicants can include payment information, as well as verify the provided information is accurate and that they will abide by event vendor rules. Regardless of your event type, this commercial vendor application template is perfect for accurately gathering key details.

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Event Vendor Application Form

Free Vendor Application Forms & Templates | Smartsheet (6)

This event-specific vendor application form comes prepopulated with easily alterable booth cost and setup details, fields for company and contact information, and descriptions of the items that vendor applicants propose to sell. With ready-made liability details — so that vendors are aware of their responsibilities when they apply — this efficient form is a great way for event coordinators to review application materials and register preferred vendors.

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Fashion Show Vendor Application Form

Free Vendor Application Forms & Templates | Smartsheet (7)

Use this fashion show vendor application form to consider the best applicants for a fashion-centric event. As a fashion show host, it’s crucial to have accurate, up-to-date vendor-application material available, so that everything goes smoothly with the vendor selection process. This form includes room for vendor applicant contact information, product category (e.g., accessories, jewelry, embroidery, vintage, etc.), price ranges of the applicants’ products, and social media details.

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Printable Vendor Application Form

Free Vendor Application Forms & Templates | Smartsheet (8)

Use this all-purpose printable vendor application form to collect event, conference, or festival vendor-application details and keep them filed and readily available. This form comes with space to note an applicant’s tax ID, organization type, company name, contact information, and payment details — all of which you can customize. Use the print-friendly, streamlined layout of this one-size-fits-all printable vendor application form to keep your vendor applicant details organized, current, and accurate.

Download Printable Vendor Application Form

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Sample Vendor Application Template

Free Vendor Application Forms & Templates | Smartsheet (9)

This sample vendor application template comes with pre-filled sample data, which applicants can replace with their unique details. Enter company contact info, federal tax ID number, company information (e.g., organization type, website, etc.), and whether applicants are applying as sales vendors, demonstrators, or information booth hosts. This template is fully customizable, so you can alter any details, including space/booth information and products/services offered.

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What Is a Vendor Application Form?

Vendors complete a vendor application form when they apply to sell products or services at a conference, festival, or fair. The form includes vendor names, contact information, tax ID, booth preferences, payment information (if applicable), and details on their offerings.

By gathering all vendor application information in a form, event organizers can review their offerings and select which vendors will participate in the event.

Vendor application forms are critical to gathering accurate vendor information to enhance the offerings of your conference, festival, fair, or show. You need a comprehensive form that can capture details about their company, contact, payment, product or service offerings, and booth- or table-location preferences. In this way, all applicants’ information is centralized and standardized in a single format — so that you can choose the best vendors to attend and complement your event’s special offerings.

Without a sufficient vendor application process, there’s a risk of missing important details that could result in low vendor and attendee turnout, as well as losses in potential sales and networking opportunities. Conference, festival, and fair coordinators need to ensure there is an easy, consistent way for vendors to apply for your event. Without an option to record and maintain accurate vendor application information, you might miss out on opportunities to establish or maintain long-lasting relationships with vendors you want to return to successive events.

Once you accept a vendor application form, use one of these vendor registration forms to start the sign-up process for the event.

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Free Vendor Application Forms & Templates | Smartsheet (2024)


How to create a vendor application? ›

Questions to include on your vendor application form
  1. Vendor Details. This section will gather basic information about the vendor's business, including contact details and business structure. ...
  2. Business Address. ...
  3. Compliance and Certification. ...
  4. Insurance and Liability. ...
  5. Financial Information. ...
  6. References.

What form is needed to set up a vendor? ›

An IRS Form W-9 is an important document used for taxpayer identification and certification a business needs to request from any vendor in order to understand how to report their payments to the internal revenue service (IRS).

What is a template for a vendor? ›

This Vendor Management Template is designed to simplify the process by providing a centralized location for all your vendor information. It includes fields for vendor name, contact person, phone number, email address, services offered, contract start and end dates, payment terms, and notes.

What is the new vendor creation form? ›

What Is a Vendor Registration Form? A vendor registration form includes vendor names, contact information, banking information (if applicable), the products or services provided by the vendor, and a certification section that verifies the information on the form is true and accurate.

How do you create a vendor creation? ›

Create a vendor account
  1. Go to Procurement and sourcing > Vendors > All vendors.
  2. On the Action Pane, select New.
  3. In the Vendor account field, enter a value that will uniquely identify the vendor. ...
  4. In the Name field, enter or select a vendor name. ...
  5. In the Group field, select a vendor group.
Jan 5, 2023

What is required to set up a new vendor? ›

A properly completed vendor form (business name, address, phone number, tax id etc.), and 2. A properly completed tax form based on the vendors type of entity: o W-9: For individuals or companies in the United States, o W8-BEN*: For foreign individuals, or o W8-BEN-E*: For foreign companies.

Do you need a W9 to set up a vendor? ›

The short answer is: always. We'll review the exceptions to this rule, but overall, businesses should always request their vendors to fill out a W9 form.

What is a vendor detail form? ›

This form is designed to document vendor information such as the financial information, description of goods, vendor contact details, and so on. Use this detailed form to document and update your new and existing vendor details today.

How to create a vendor spreadsheet? ›

Enter the vendor's ID in the first column. Add the name of the company in the Vendor Name column. Include the name of the person at the vendor company who is in charge of your account. Include their contact information, including phone number, fax number (if applicable), e-mail address, and physical or mailing address.

What are examples of templates? ›

They can be a physical object, such as a paper template that is used to cut out pieces of fabric, but they can also be a digital template, such as a file that opens in a design program like Photoshop.

How do I create a vendor agreement? ›

A vendor contract should include the following:
  1. Contact information for both parties.
  2. Detailed description of the goods or services.
  3. Length of the contract and/or expected product delivery time.
  4. Price and payment method.
  5. Terms for ending the contract.
  6. Consequences of contract breach.

What is a vendor request form? ›

A vendor request form app is a simple self-service UI that allows potential partners to register their interest in working with your business. Essentially, it's a structured way of gathering key information and saving it to a database.

What is a vendor profile form? ›

A vendor profile form should include the vendor's name, contact details, services or products offered, pricing, payment terms, and any certifications or qualifications. It may also include sections for vendor performance reviews and notes on previous interactions.

What is a vendor declaration form? ›

Vendor declarations for goods with preferential originating status must provide information on: the preferential country of origin and. for which preferential arrangements (possible subsequent countries of destination) the rules of origin are fulfilled.

What does vendor application mean? ›

What Is a Vendor Application Form? Vendors complete a vendor application form when they apply to sell products or services at a conference, festival, or fair. The form includes vendor names, contact information, tax ID, booth preferences, payment information (if applicable), and details on their offerings.

How do I write a letter of application for a vendor? ›

I'm writing this letter to apply for the vendor position available within your establishment. I have 3 years of experience working as a vendor and fully believe that due to this training, I have the qualifications needed to be a success as a vendor.

How do you create a vendor management plan? ›

How to Create an Effective Vendor Management Process
  1. Create A Dedicated Vendor Management Team. Assign the task of vendor management to a select few within the organization. ...
  2. Organize Suppliers and Vendors. ...
  3. Confidentiality. ...
  4. Risk Management. ...
  5. Effective Communication. ...
  6. Place a Premium on Value. ...
  7. Build a Long-Term Relationship.
May 30, 2023

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