How Can You Get A Job Before Getting PR Status In Canada? (2024)

Are you one of them who is not a citizen of Canada or has permanent residence (PR) status? Still, wish to work in Canada without PR and willing to be an influential economy member across the world? Yes, it is possible to get the job without any PR status! Canada’s constructive work permit system enables foreign workers to input several jobs throughout the country. Thereabout more than 400,000 foreign workers who have obtained Canada’s work permit since 2019.

There are many jobs in Canada, including truck drivers, farmworkers, and trades filled by skilled immigrants from abroad countries through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

Here are some of the ways to get jobs in Canada without PR status!

Get a work permit: TFWP vs. IMP

The first way you can get the job offers without any PR status is to determine which work permit you are eligible for. Since several international workers get qualified to work in Canada without the work permits legally, most people require a work permit. If you are searching for options to apply for the Canada work permit, it is an employer-specific work permit (closed) through the TFWP, and the other is an open or closed work permit through IMP.

The work permit draws the primary difference because TFWP considers international work to keep the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) documents. Still, on the other side, work permits from the IMP are discarded from the requirements.

Jobs in Canada under TFWP

Works permits in Canada obtained through the TFWP are more likely for the labor market. This means if you are willing to work in Canada, then your professional must be in demand. How can you prove that your job is in demand? Through the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and a legal job offer by the Canadian employer. Remember one thing: if your professional is shortlisted, you still have to accomplish the requirements of registering for an employer-specific work permit under TFWP.

Jobs in Canada under the IMP

Work permits through the IMP are dependent

Moderately on international reciprocal agreements, such as the IEC, CUSMA, CETA, and construct the countries narrowed economic and cultural interests. For example, Canada United States Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) is mainly built for qualified workers, traders, and investors.

The amazing thing is that getting an in-demand job in Canada and working in the same for 6-12 months will allow you to get eligible for the immigration programs like Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP) and the Canadian Experience Class.

Working Holiday Visa

A famous work permit obtained through the IEC of the IMP is a working holiday visa. It is constructed mainly for the age group of 18-30/35.

Willing to find through which Canadian work permit, you got eligible. Register with the Canadian Visa to undergo the online eligibility assessment.

Understand Canada’s immigration pilots

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) and the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) are constructed mainly to invited international workers to Canadians small and less popular regions like Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. In these regions, there is more vacancy for labor shortages in several companies.

International workers who look to secure employment from particular employers can register for the program to meet the requirements.

Foreign workers who register by the pilot programs can get a job with a work permit to obtain through the IMP, whereas their PR status applications are being processed.

Who can help you in getting a job without PR status?

If you are willing to get the job offer in Canada without the PR status, it is always advisable to contact reliable immigration and visa consultants in Canada. They will provide you the complete eligibility assessment to get you accessible with the range of opportunities to obtain a job offer in Canada without any PR status.

They will properly understand your situation and make sure that you receive excellent service. Canadian immigration professionals will help you in throughout the process.

How Can You Get A Job Before Getting PR Status In Canada? (2024)
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