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Online technology, entertainment & retail discounts

IU students and employees can receive cell phone, technology, entertainment, travel and various other discounts with these online retailers.

Marriott - Delta Hotels Indianapolis Airport

The new Delta Hotels Indianapolis Airport is located west of downtown, eight miles from Indianapolis International airport and 7 miles from IUPUI. It provides a full-service travel experience, allowing guests to focus on what is important.

IU Staff, faculty, students, and alumni are eligible to receive discount pricing at the Delta Hotels Indianapolis Airport. Click here to make your reservation today!

Connection Public Sector Solutions

Deep discounts on anything technology - computers, phones, accessories, and more! Receive the same pricing that IU receives. *Must have an IU email address to receive the discounted pricing!

Flagstar Bank

Contact:Kristin Settle
Phone Number: 317-446-0304

IU employees and students can receive $395 off closing costs of a home loan mortgage or refinance mortgage that closes with Flagstar Bank.

IU Employees, students, or recent graduates must be either a signor or co-signor on the qualified home mortgage or refinance, verified via paycheck stub or student ID.

Recent graduates must provide college transcripts and job offer letter or have employment secured.

Current students must be able to qualify for a mortgage with current employment or via employment from a co-signor.

Specialized Products: Professional Loan for Doctors and Nurses. This product has a lower, competitive interest rate, no down payment required with 720+ credit score, and no mortgage insurance! Mortgage Types Offered: Adjustable-Rate, Fixed, Condominium Financing, FHA Government Loans, VA Loans, First-Time Home Buyer Programs, Fixed-Rate, Investment Property Loans, Jumbo Loans, Professional Loans, Renovation Loans, Second Homes, USDA Rural Housing.


IU students receive an 8% discount, and IU employees receive a 14% discount. The monthly discount applies to most base rate plans, butnotunlimited plans. All IU employees who receive a pay advice from the university are eligible for the higher discount; this includes part-time employees, both student and non-student.

If asked for a FAN (Foundation Account Number) or discount code, students use FAN #96047; faculty and staff use FAN #96046.

The discount can be added to existing AT&T accounts. Visit theenrollment form, enter your IU email address and mobile number, select the appropriate category (student or employee), and submit. An email be sent asking for verification of account information. The discount can take on one to two billing periods before it take effect.

CHIRP - Audio Books

Chirp is a site aimed at connecting our members with heavily discounted audiobooks. We hand-curate lists for each of our members' listening tastes and allow users to download audiobooks to the Chirp app for easy listening access. Plus, there are no subscription fees!

Faculty, staff, and students, use discount code CRIMSONCARD5 to get $5 toward your first audiobook on Chirp.

(Video) Student tech at IU: Introduction


IU Employees - World Travel Holdings, our parent company, purchases "Block Space" on major cruise lines at reduced fares not advertised to the general public. CruiseOne then passes these price advantages on to CrimsonPerk participants. The typical amenity associated with "Block Space" is shipboard credits. These provide guests the opportunity and flexibility to apply them however they wish while on board their cruise!

Day Translations

10% discount on any translation or interpretation services. Email code: iu.edu10%.

Custom Neon®

Custom Neon is America's most affordable supplier of LED neon light signs. Let us light up your life with quality LED neon signs for home, business, weddings, events, & more. Take a business logo, song lyrics, a kid's name, or even the shape of your dog, & neon-ify it!

Faculty, Staff, and Students receive 10% off our entire product range, no minimum spend required. Simply enter promo code "CRIMSON10" at checkout.


Fast Park Airport Parking is our Preferred Airport Parking Provider. We encourage IU employees, students, and alumni to sign up for Rewardsto make reservations and guarantee parking at any of our 17 US locations.

Check in and out with your REWARDS or RESERVATIONS to get your perks!

- 4000 Covered Parking Spaces
-Free Reservations
-Earn FREE Parking (8 paid days=1 free day)
-Shuttle service on demand at your vehicle (No Walking, No Waiting)
-Electric Car Charging


-Mobile Account Access
-Bottled Water & Newspaper

Mobile card - Go to Sign in, and save/bookmark us to your home page.

Receive 10% off your purchase when using promo code (Crimson10).

*To receive the discount start an online chat or call to provide the promo code.

Ford Motor Company

IU faculty and staff are eligible for discounts on Ford vehicles. Access the Ford Partner Recognition Program using the partner code INDIU. There, you can browse for other opportunities. When you are ready to generate a Personal Identification Number (PIN), click on the "PINs" tab and select "Generate a PIN". The system will create a PIN for you to take to your local dealership. Also, you will need to provide proof that you work for IU to the dealership (ID card, paycheck, W-2, badge).

Hays and Sons

A restoration company serving homes, schools, and businesses with responsive, comprehensive, and trustworthy property and contents restoration.

When you’ve experienced damage to your home, business, or school, whether from fire, smoke, water, storms, or mold, you need a restoration company that offers immediate and reliable emergency service.

Our team of highly trained, experienced, certified, and compassionate restoration experts will arrive quickly to help you assess the damage and make a plan of action to get things back to normal as soon as possible.

PERK: All IU faculty and staff receive 10% off a water restoration project.

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Leather NEO

LeatherNeo is offering 10% off across our store to IU students, faculty, staff and alumni. Enter 'CONCL21' at checkout. We handcraft a variety of leather handbags, backpacks, shoulder bags, messenger bags, briefcases, laptop bags, travel bags and other leather accessories.

Orlando Employee Discounts

Save up to 35% on your Orlando Vacation. Orlando Employee Discounts offers exclusive pricing to IU students, employees and alumni on hotels and vacation homes in or nearby Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando. We are also the largest wholesaler of tickets to Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, Sea World, and all Orlando theme parks and attractions!
Please visit details.

Tumbl Trak

Tumbl Trak strives to produce innovative products that help athletes to train smart, stay healthy and compete strong. Tumbl Trak is pleased to offer IU Students, Employees and Alumni the following discounts when you visit us online at

-10% off the Tumbl Trak 2' x 5' workout mat (use code IUWm10 at checkout)

-Buy a pair of Sliders, get a Large Slider at 50% off (use code IUBogoLS at checkout)

-15% off any Home Gym Package (use code IUPkg15 at checkout)

Verizon Wireless

Current IU employees are eligible to receive a 15% monthly discount on the data portion of More Everything plans $34.99 and higher. For additional information or to register your existing line for the discount, please contact Indiana representative, Michael Meier at Also, see IU Knowledge Base document for more information.

High Fidelity

High Fidelity is and exclusive online store with the finest collection of limited release and collectable footwear and apparel. The High Fidelity team is comprised of sneaker and streetwear enthusiasts with many years of experience working with limited release goods.

(Video) Indiana University UITS Orientation Video

All IU students and employees are eligible for a 5% discount!

Obscure Belts

Obscure Belts is offering 10% off across our store to IU students, faculty, staff and alumni. Enter 'CRIMSON10' at checkout. We handcraft a variety of leather belts with innovative belt buckles.

Neon Direct

Neon Direct offers an industry first 3 year warranty on all our neon signs. All signs are built with the highest quality materials and are quality checked by our US team prior to delivery. LED neon signs are perfect for a special occasion such as a birthday or wedding or just to lighten your room.

15% discount is available to all Staff, Students and Alumni, please use promo code INDIANAUNIVERSITY15 at checkout.

Nelson Cabinetry

Nelson Cabinetry is a leading national distributor of premium quality kitchen & bathroom cabinetry creating dream space for our customers. Beyond high quality cabinetry, our process is best in class with the highest standard of excellence. Our key benefits include: Free 3D kitchen Design | Easy ordering & fulfilment | Quick & easy assembly 5 distribution centers across the USA for fast shipping delivery!

IU students,employees, and alumni can use discount code NKB10 at the time of purchase to receive 10% off!

Yummy Bazaar

Yummy Bazaar is an online shop offering specialty food items from across the globe.

IU students, employees, and alumni can receive 10% off our shop when using the code INDIANA10 during checkout at


Tomedes is a leading translation company and is offering a 10% discount on all of its services to IU students, employees, and alumni. Use code GIFT2022 at check out.

Right Channel Radios

If you're looking to outfit your truck, 4x4, Jeep or heavy-duty equipment with CB equipment, there's no better place than Right Channel Radios. We'd love the opportunity to earn your business, and will ensure you're nothing less than thrilled with your experience.

Right Channel Radios is giving out a 5% discount on all products sitewide for IU staff, faculty, students, and alumni with no minimum purchase requirement. Visit our discount pagefor more details.

Well Traveled

Well Traveled is a members-only social platform built for modern travelers. The female-founded company is revolutionizing the way people discover, plan and book experiences by tapping into the power of community and human connection.

(Video) Tech Things: UITS student guide 2020 • Chapter Six • Over 400 Apps (AUDIO DESCRIPTION)

IU students, employees, and alumni receive $100 booking credit when you join Well Traveled!

Herc's Nutrition

At HERC’s Nutrition, we believe that by empowering others, you can empower yourself. We offer the finest selection of vitamins and supplements as well as stylish apparel and delicious protein shakes to help everyone achieve their ultimate goals.

All students & alumni receive 15% off, simply visit

Candy Neon

CANDY NEON offers a wide variety of 100% handmade custom neon signs.

Get $20 off your total purchase of $300+ by using code: BLMAR20 or get $40 off your total purchase of $500+ by using code: BLMAR40.

FindStorageFast is the largest online marketplace for self-storage units. We work with colleges and universities across the country helping students, faculty, and employees find affordable and safe storage solutions for their belongings.

IU faculty, staff, and students would be eligible to receive a $30 one-time discount upon move-in at any storage facility booked through

Neon Craftsman

Neon Craftsmanprovides100%handmadecustomLED neonsigns, specializing in custom neon signs for every occasion!

IU students, faculty, staff, and alumni can receive a 10% discount using code: 10%Neon.


RushTranslate helps individuals and businesses with quick and affordable document translation services.

Indiana University alumni, employees, and students are eligible for a 20% discount on all translation services from RushTranslate! Just mention the "IU" discount when requesting a quote.

GTE Localize

GTE Localize is an international translation-localization agency that has stations in the United States, Vietnam, and Singapore. Our solutions include translation, localization, interpretation, subtitling, transcription, and more.

IU students, faculty, staff, and alumni receive 12% off Southeast Asian and CCJK languages translation, editing and proofreading services with code: GTELOCALIZE12; and 17% off English to Vietnamese translation services with code: GTELOCALIZE17.

Audacia Home

Audacia Home carries home products from the top brands in the United States including, home saunas, gym equipment, fire tables, kitchen appliances, massage chairs, and more. Some of our premier brand partners include Jacuzzi, Napoleon, Body Solid, The Outdoor Plus, ZLINE, Thor, amongst others.

IU students, faculty, and staff receive$250 off orders above $2000 and 10% off all other orders.

(Video) Tech Things: UITS Student Guide 2020


Where can I use my crimson card off campus? ›

Some off-campus locations that accept CrimsonCard are:
  • Grubhub - CrimsonCard holders have access to 300,000+ restaurants nationwide!
  • Kroger.
  • Jimmy Johns.
  • Blaze Pizza.
  • Sushi Boss.
  • Arby's.
  • Qdoba.
  • And MORE.

Can I use my Crimson Card at the bookstore? ›

You can then use your CrimsonCard to purchase textbooks and supplies from the campus bookstore, both online and in-store. Otherwise, if you are receiving a financial aid refund, you can wait for it to be direct deposited into your account or sent to you via a check.

What is a crimson card at IU? ›

CrimsonCard is the official photo ID card for IUPUI students, faculty, and staff. It provides access to a variety of essential services and features including secure entry to buildings, printing services, university libraries, dining services meal points, and sports and recreation facilities.

Do IU employees get discounts? ›

IU Bloomington offers a wide variety of employee resources - but we go even further to find exclusive discounts and special deals for employees! Save money on wireless phone plans, dining, travel, home improvement, and more. Please visit the Crimson Perks page under "Crimson Card Deals" below for additional discounts.


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