Pirate Appearance Potion (2024)

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Pirate Appearance Potion
Pirate Appearance Potion (1)
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The Pirate Appearance Potion is a Potion purchasable from the Pirate Emporium for Ancient Coins in Sea of Thieves.

The Potion allows players to choose a new appearance for their Player Pirate in the Infinite Pirate Generator without losing any in-game progression such as Reputation, Currencies, Commendations, Titles, or Cosmetics.

Players wishing to reset their pirate and progression completely, may do so under the Pirate Profile option of the Settings Menu.


Pirate Appearance Potion (3)

Once bought, a player will get a message on screen asking if they want to select a new appearance. Players can select "No" to postpone using the Potion, and this message will reappear upon logging into the game until the Potion is finally used.

Choosing "Yes" to this message will open the Infinite Pirate Generator where the player can begin to choose a new pirate. The Potion is not considered used until a new appearance has been chosen.It is safe to exit the Infinite Pirate Generator and continue to use the current pirate. The Pirate Appearance Potion reminder message will then appear again at the next log in.

While the Pirate Appearance Potion is not an in-game item the player can hold or use, it does appear on inside every Pirate Emporium atop the front desk and players can interact with the Potion to read its label.

Pirate Appearance Potion (4)

This is Madame Olivia's Fresh Face Tincture - an enchanted potion that will change your face and body!

Read the label...

Speak to your helpful Pirate Emporium representative to buy this potion!
Once imbibed, your entire body and face will be changed by the magics within.
You will remain yourself in heart and mind, but your outward form will be as new.
Contains quicksilver, electrum powder and cursed tree bark. May cause soul hiccups. Do not use while operating a ship.


  • Pirate Appearance Potion (5)

    The Potion seen in-game at every Emporium.

  • Pirate Appearance Potion (6)

    Promotional image of the Potion

Patch history[]

  • 2.0.12 (February 19, 2020)
    • Introduced.

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Pirate Appearance Potion (2024)
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