[Used]Sambar EBD-S500J 510 P U left front Front Fender redcap KF-VE W19 white WHITE 53446-B5031 - BE FORWARD Auto Parts (2024)

★☆★Please read till the last by all means★☆★[ ] From 9:00 to 17:00
[holiday] Saturday, Sunday, celebration, festival day

◆I cannot give a response out of the  . Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
◆The inquiry of a question, an email, the business message
I would like it than either.

... guidance ...

◆Only the one that you can understand about a product [you include installation], please bid.

◆I would like the conformity confirmation than a question column. Please let me know the vehicle information (number of cars  , model-designated  , classification division  , age type). I did not hear the question about installation, the diversion. The well top that you are watching would appreciate your judging product explanation.

◆As you may have time on the replies of the question, please bid it only for the one that you can understand.

◆When it is made a bid for mistakenly, I would like the bid carefully as I do not do the   such as the cancellation at all.

◆Please confirm store information, a product page, vehicle information with a PC version by all means.

◆All our products become the  . The thing that the accessories appear in the image is all.

◆Other than the   of the  , I would like participation by a bid.

◆I did not hear selling things loose, the individual sale.

◆Please inform me of the inquiry about the bundling before   beforehand.

◆For transport accident prevention, I did not hear the bundling such as exterior parts and lamps.

◆The delivery becomes Seino Transportation.
I did not hear the designation of the delivery time. (either request of the arrival at arrival at ※ morning, afternoon is possible. After the  , please report with request columns.)

◆About the   to the remote island
About Izu Islands, Sadogashima, Oki, Awajishima, islands, Goto Islands, Yakushima, Tanegashima, Amami Oshima of the Seto Inland Sea, the remote island except Okinawa Island, the additional price incurs.
I would appreciate your contacting it for the right or wrong and an additional charge of the   before   by all means.
When an address is confirmed after the   with a remote island, please note that you work as a guide of the additional price.

◆On the day   should be   by the receipt of money completion until 15:00 of   daily allowance day.

It may be the   by handling the next day to become the collection of cargo by night on note) day.
※As you do not send it out on our holiday including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, please be careful.

◆I consider the packing of the product enough and am careful, but damage and the trouble of the product by the transport accident may occur.

I would like confirmation under the driver initial charge at the time of the arrival of the product by all means.
Please contact me immediately by any chance as you cope when a transport accident occurs.

◆About the issuance of receipt: Please confirm following "... payment method ...".

!Attention!As the online sale except the goes, too,

A product may have been already sold.

Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

It is ... about ...  I am so sorry, but,

The delivery to the   state of the product corresponding to the following conditions

I assume it the   with the office stopper.

Please understand it beforehand.

・The product that delivery size is more than it in "M"
・Total three sides of packing size 130cm or more
・20kg in weight or more
・Plurally (more than two mouths)

As an example, it is ...
(hard goods such as the Engine Transmission Ho thing suspension
Large size, the medium-sized exterior equipment such as door TRUNK bumper fenders
Useless things such as the scarf Side Step,
Plural other packing assortment such as the right and left headlight tires such as four)

Please confirm the nearest Seino Transportation Office more.

※Precaution about  -like handling and company, corporation-like handling※

(1) Even if successful bidder is a

company, corporation name,
When shipping address is  's house, delivery for   states is in an application,
Please be careful basically as it becomes the   with the office stopper.

(2) Even if it was after   and the settlement completion by a company, corporation name,
When judge that delivery is a

clearly  -like house, separately
As you may request excess  , please be careful.


When I cannot accept understanding, assent in the instructions mentioned above,
Let me cancel business as successful bidder convenience even if after  
As you may have, please be careful.
※About division of   state and company, corporation※

(example 1)
Even if a delivery note mention name is a company, corporation name,
House shipping address without a company, the store notation (signboard),
When it is one room of the apartment complex, it becomes the  -like direct delivery to the addressee.

(example 2)
Even if shipping address is  's house,
When I advocate a company, store notation (signboard),
I become treated like company, corporation, and the delivery same as before is possible.

Flow ... of ... business

・The email of the notice of   does not transmit from us.

・Please read a notice of automatic transmitted   email after the   by all means.

・After the  , you advance from a   screen to the  , and please input the requirements.
Mention lapse of memory of the address is frequent. After confirmation, please transmit well.

・I would appreciate your inputting a business Branch name hoped for in the case of a product targeted for sales people Branch stopper of Seino Transportation to a request column of the  .

・The person who does not need an evaluation, please contact me by a request column or a business message after the  .

・Sorry for your inconvenience, but I would like input of each   when I have you knock down a plural number.

※When I cannot have notification and payment within five days from   day, it should be cancellation on account of the successful bidder.

It is ... about ... returned goods, a refund

・I do returned goods, the refund   (I include   and a mistake written on the cover) about any case

from the arrival of the product to one week.
When it passes more than one week, I do not cope.

・As for the refund, a product becomes the   after arrival, the confirmation to us.

・About request, the payment such as resolution, case to include the trace that I remodeled and desorption wage, repair charges, I cannot cope under any circ*mstance.

◎You see product explanation well and look forward to a bid of understanding, the one that you can understand.
... payment method ...


Customer is responsible for the simple settlement fee.
It becomes the   after confirming payment.


★Japan net bank

Customer is responsible for the transfer fee.
It becomes the   after confirming payment.


・COD fee

To 30,000 yen   (+ consumption tax)
To 100,000 yen   (+ consumption tax)
To 200,000 yen 1,000 yen (+ consumption tax)
To 300,000 yen 2,000 yen (+ consumption tax)

◎I would like either payment method mentioned above.!Attention!

・With a   amount of money, a consumption tax is imposed separately.

・I did not hear the issuance of receipt.
※As I bundle a statement of delivery with issuance, a product, I hope that I have you report when you want.

In addition, please ask a question than "the question to an exhibitor" casually if you have any questions.

※I do not send an email about the direct trade guidance from other than email, this from Yahoo. When I give our ID, and an email arrives directly, I would like careful  .

[Used]Sambar EBD-S500J 510 P U left front Front Fender redcap KF-VE W19 white WHITE 53446-B5031 - BE FORWARD Auto Parts (2024)
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