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Agios Georgios (North)

A huge horseshoe shaped bay with a lovely sandy beach and beautiful scenery Agios Georgios on the North West (there are 3 Agios Georgios beaches) is particularly beautiful seen from the coastal road that leads to Paleokastritsa. The beach is long and sandy and has various watersports available and there are a few tavernas and shops along the shore. As well as a good sandy beach it is also a lovely area for walking.

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Agios Stefanos (East)

The inviting bay of Agios Stefanos ('East' not to be confused with San Stefanos on the West coast) has two small harbourside beaches but is better known for its charming village and beachside tavernas. A popular stop for boats with plenty of jetties to choose from and a gentle traditional atmosphere, it is a wonderful place to stay and well worth a visit, particularly by boat.

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Agni Beach

Agni Beach is a narrow stretch of pebbles set in a bay at the bottom of an olive and cypress tree valley. With three traditional beachside tavernas all ready to feed and entertain you. The beautiful scenery makes it a popular stop for boats of all sizes. A short walk around a small headland brings you onto another quiet shingly beach that is excellent for snorkelling.

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Almyros, Acharavi and Roda

Just past the beach and lagoon of St Spyridon starts a long stretch of sandy beach about 4 miles long. Almyros is at the start of this stretch and is the least commercial section with sand dunes and a couple of nice tavernas near the sea.

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Avlaki Beach

One of the most attractive beaches on the North East Coast, Avlaki has its borders in the Eremitis nature reserve and has a small lagoon which is a nature lovers delight. The beach, a long curved stretch of white pebbles shelves into the brilliantly blue and fresh sea and there is almost always a cooling breeze blowing across the wide bay. There is a very good taverna in the middle of the beach and another slightly further along, plus sun loungers towards the centre, a windsurfing/dingy sailing school and small boat hire jetty.

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Barbati Beach

Barbati has a beautiful, long, pebbly beach that caters for everyone. The south end is quiet, lined with trees, has no sun loungers and is great for snorkelling. As the beach continues it gets gradually busier with plenty of sun beds, a good water-sports jetty, boat hire, local boat trips, a couple of low key snack bars, two with swimming pools, and a few residential areas set a little way back. As is typical of this coast the waters are clear, generally calm and deliciously inviting.

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Canal D'Amour Beach

Just past the centre of Sidari is the beautiful Canal d'Amour, a small but very attractivecove beach which sitsbetween weather carved sandstone cliffs. The rocky platforms are ideal for sunbathing and enjoying the views, plus there are small caves underneath which can be explored from the water.

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Coyevinas Beach

The completely uncommercial beach of Coyevinas is a long stoney stretch of beach just around the headland between Avlaki and Kassiopi. Virtually undisturbed the beach is good for snorkelling and for peace and quiet.

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Dassia Beach

A 1 mile long narrow strip of shingle and sand, Dassia Beach is ideal for water sports lovers with its two jetties and generally calm waters. The two ends of the beach are more secluded and very pleasant for swimming whilst the central areas are generally more lively with several beachside cafes and tavernas, plus a very popular beach nightclub that serves as a pleasant bar by day and a lively club at night.

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Glyfada Beach

One of the most beautiful and most popular beaches on the island Glyfada is a long wide sandy beach tucked away at the bottom of pine clad cliffs about 20 minutes drive out of Corfu town. There are various beach bars and tavernas towards the centre of the beach, volleyball courts, plenty of sun loungers, watersports and lovely swimming waters.

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Imerolia Beach

Imerolia has a delightful beach, located on the outskirts of Kassiopi on the north east coast of Corfu. Although the bay is pebbly, it provides the ideal opportunity for sunbathing and is also overlooked by a couple of tavernas if you need a break from the heat. The beaches and harbour of Kassiopi can be reached from Imerolia in a couple of minutes by car or within around 15 minutes on foot.

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Ipsos Beach

A 1 mile strip of shingly beach running alongside the road, Ipsos has two good water sports jetties, boat hire and boat trips plus two attractive local harbours where you can see the fishermen with their daily catch or enjoy a romantic stroll in the early evening.

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Kalamaki Beach

Kalamaki Beach is about 10 minutes drive along the North coast from Kassiopi and is the closest totally sandy beach to the town. A wide shallow bay with a couple of pleasant tavernas this beach is good for children as it has shallow waters for a good distance out.

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Kalami Beach

The large horseshoe shaped bay of Kalami is captivating. The beach is a long stretch of white pebbles and the azure sea is enclosed by low tree clad cliffs, perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

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Kassiopi Beaches

Kassiopi has one main reasonable sized beach to the North of the town with convenient beachside tavernas and snack bars. Several smaller, prettier beaches are a short walk around the two headlands leading from the harbour.

Two of these beaches are large enough for a few sun loungers and have beautiful clear waters and shingle or pebbles and there are, for those that look one or two tiny little coves hidden away down footpaths from the main town.

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Kerasia Beach

One of Corfu's best kept secrets, Kerasia Beach is a long, quiet pebbly beach tucked away between Kalami and Agios Stefanos. Tantalizingly close when viewed from the road, it is only accessed via Agios Stefanos or by boat. With one friendly taverna, a small tourist kiosk and a few sun loungers, it is a favourite with the local people and can get busy at weekends. In the week though it is rarely very busy and is ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

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Logas 'Sunset' Beach

Logas 'Sunset' Beach is on the far side of Sidari, in the village of Peroulades, on the west coast of Corfu. As its name suggests, this beach has wonderful views of the sun set in the evening, which are best enjoyed from the taverna which sits at the top of the cliff. It has a long strip of golden sand at the bottom of vast sandstone cliffs, which has stone steps down to the seafront.

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Nissaki Beach

The area from Barbati to Nissaki is dotted with tiny beaches and coves for those that explore a bit or take the boat. Nissaki itself has a gorgeous little pebble and shingle beach with the most incredible tempting blue waters and a very good water-sports platform.

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Paleokastritsa Beaches

Paleokastritsa is known for its beautiful scenery and there are several small beaches around the coast, many of which are only accessed by sea or on foot. The main beach is a lovely sandy bay tucked between impressive rocks and cliffs. It tends to get very busy in the summer, has several tavernas overlooking the sea and is great for snorkelling. There is another smaller and quieter beach slightly set away from the village where you can hire boats and there are various boat trips that drop you off at beaches further away that cannot be reached by car.

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Roda Beach

Roda Beach is a continuation of the bay at Acharavi. The beach is a mixture of sand and pebbles, with clear, shallow water, ideal for snorkelling or scuba diving. The beach is around a mile long, with the resort running parallel to the seafront. Water sports and boat excursions and hire can also be found here.

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Sidari Beach

Sidari has a lovely sandybeach, right in the centre of the resort. In recent years, whilst the beach is still attractive and has various water sports available during the summer,the resort itself has become very commercial.


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