Volvo On Call App: Pricing, Overview, Coupon Code, More (2024)

Volvo On Call App: Pricing, Overview, Coupon Code, More (1)

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Driving, simplified. Imagine a world where your needs are anticipated. When your smart device is paired to your Volvo vehicle, convenience is at your fingertips. Introducing Volvo On Call, a suite of connected services that comes with any Volvo car, wagon, or SUV equipped with the Sensus touchscreen infotainment system (model years 2015.5+).

The Volvo On Call app is your gateway to advanced functionality and services that enhance your daily experience. Forget where you parked? Need to schedule service? Does someone need access to your vehicle while you're not close by? Solutions to these daily challenges near Durham (and more) are all available to you with Volvo On Call. Scroll below to see more product details. These exceptional benefits are awaiting you with all of our models, including the exciting new Volvo XC40 for sale.

What Is Volvo On Call?

In a word: convenience. Volvo On Call is with you wherever you go and always available through your smart device or onboard controls. On vehicles with the Sensus Infotainment Center, you can access previously unavailable functionality. What are some of our favorites, you ask?

  • Remote Start Capabilities - Arrive at your vehicle with her running, up to operating temperature, and ready to go with just a few seconds' worth of activity on the Volvo On Call app.

  • Remote Climate Control - Imagine a world where you can start your vehicle and adjust your cabin temperature so that you can arrive at your vehicle with the cabin optimized for total comfort. With Volvo On Call, you can!

  • Schedule Service - With active Volvo Valet, your concierge will deliver a courtesy vehicle, collect your car, and return her when service is complete. No interruptions to your life. Volvo Valet has you covered, and you can access it through Volvo On Call.

  • Lock & Unlock Your Doors - Have you rushed inside in a hurry? In the office and can't get back to your vehicle? You can view live status reports of your Volvo vehicle and lock your doors if you need to. Alternatively, if your assistant has gone to your vehicle to retrieve something for you, you can unlock your vehicle for them just as easily. Volvo On Call makes it all possible.

  • Stay Safe - Looking for the fastest route to your vehicle in a large parking area or urban center? You'll always know where your companion is waiting for you, thanks to the location services from Volvo On Call.

  • A Calendar Companion - Has an event popped up? With Volvo On Call, you can seamlessly integrate appointments into your calendar. Additionally, Volvo On Call can further assist you with booking other daily appointments, retail experiences, and more.

Volvo On Call is always there to iron out the edges of the modern world. With everything that we've listed thus far, Volvo On Call has even more to offer. Why not schedule a demonstration with a product specialist? Enjoy an at-home test drive on that Volvo XC60 for sale that you've been eyeing and see how Volvo vehicle ownership is more than just securing a set of keys. Come to think of it, all new Volvo vehicles are keyless. Here's to your convenience!

Volvo On Call Subscription Terms & Renewals

Every new Volvo vehicle enjoys a complimentary four-year subscription to Volvo On Call. Setting up your account is easy, and your vehicle specialist will help you with your Volvo On Call activation at the time of your delivery. Additionally, Certified by Volvo vehicles come with a one-year complimentary trial of Volvo On Call, and activation also happens at delivery. But what happens when the subscription runs out? How do you keep the service going?

Volvo On Call subscription renewal is easy. Right from the app, you can renew your subscription for 12 month periods for $200. Keep in mind that if you don't renew, you will still have access to SOS features such as emergency calls/crash notifications.

Your Volvo On Call App at a Glance

As we said, Volvo On Call is complimentary for four years. This suite of digital services connects you to your vehicle from your smartphone - from anywhere in the world. The app is available from iTunes, Google Play, and the Microsoft Store. Thanks to a modern vehicle feature known as "telematics," you can control the features of your vehicle even if you're far away.

Let's say a housekeeper has come to tidy up your home a few days before your return from vacation. You get a text message from them asking where the new bottles of washing detergent are. Without missing a beat from your poolside position halfway around the world, you can unlock your vehicle and allow them access, then lock her up once they're done. Real-time controls and vehicle status monitors are just some of the conveniences that await with the Volvo On Call app.

Frequently Asked Questions About Volvo On Call

With a feature as advanced as this, we know you still have questions. We get loads of calls and emails about Volvo On Call from prospective customers, so we thought your research might benefit from some of the answers to our most common questions.

Can Volvo On Call be retrofitted?

Volvo On Call cannot be retrofitted into a vehicle without equipment previously installed from the factory. However, a distinction must be made between Volvo On Call and the Volvo On Call app. Earlier Volvo models from the end of 2011 and forward may be fitted with Volvo On Call capabilities, including emergency services, security, and roadside assistance. Call your retailer with your VIN to determine your equipment package. On late-model Volvo vehicles, Volvo On Call services can be accessed through the Volvo On Call app. These smart device features are available on models with the Sensus Infotainment Center.

Can you add Volvo On Call?

If your vehicle is equipped with Volvo On Call equipment, you can always call to activate a subscription to this service. If you would like to pair your existing Volvo On Call account with another Volvo vehicle that you own, you can log in to your Volvo On Call account and assign that vehicle.

Is Volvo On Call free?

A four-year complimentary subscription is enjoyed with every new Volvo vehicle lease or purchase. Certified by Volvo vehicles offer a one-year complimentary Volvo On Call subscription. All other Volvo On Call accounts will be subscription-based, continued by the owner. The cost of Volvo On Call subscriptions vary based on your desired length of service, so contact your retailer for current details and to discuss a plan that's best for you.

What does the Volvo On Call Button do?

Volvo On Call can become a lifeline when you need it most. At its core, Volvo On Call grants you access to highly trained personnel. They are there to assist you in several ways if there's ever an emergency. Roadside Assistance is among the most popular services used by Volvo On Call members.

How Volvo On Call Works?

Various collision sensors, pre-tensioners, and deployed airbags will all send signals to the Volvo On Call center. An operator will be notified of your collision, and they will call you on the number linked to your account. If you do not answer, all available emergency services will be dispatched to your location automatically.

Where is the Volvo On Call button?

Locations vary slightly, and your delivery specialist should have gone over the location with you. You can find this information in your owner's manual, or just note the "SOS" button location. Your Volvo On Call button is adjacent to it. It is typically on the roof just near the rearview mirror or via options in the center display.

How do I activate Volvo On Call?

In the event of a collision or other emergency detected by the vehicle, an SOS signal is sent automatically to the Volvo On Call center. Additionally, you can activate it by pressing the Volvo On Call button on the roof or through the center display.

Weaver Brothers Volvo Was First To Make Safety First

As the first Volvo Cars retailer in Raleigh, NC, we've taken great pride in bringing distinctive, luxurious, and safe vehicles to North Carolina drivers for many generations. Our goal is to continue enhancing your safety, which is why we've presented the above information to you.

We've also discovered that third-party entities are claiming to offer a Volvo On Call coupon code. For your safety and the protection of your personal information, it is always best to call us directly for the latest offerings. Keep in mind that no coupon code is required when you lease or purchase any of our new vehicles, such as the flagship Volvo XC90 for sale. If you have any remaining questions about operations and product details, feel free to contact us through our website!

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Volvo On Call App: Pricing, Overview, Coupon Code, More (2024)
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