Stress level: RN vs. NP (2024)

If you are required to see 20 or more patients a day, I hope you are being quite well paid. Because the practice is getting more than 300 grand for your services.

Back in the day, when I did my ANP clinical, my experienced NP preceptor had about 15 patients day. She left every day at 5 pm on the dot.

She also did time consuming things like pap smears.

She was free, at least to some degree to spend time with patients if needed. She could take her time, and look things up if needed. When she left for the day, she was all done.

This was 2003, and that model has been dying out.

Fast forward, 2018 , I have known more than one NP or PA who could not manage to consistently see even 12 patients a day in the LTC setting and complete the paperwork for billing. Almost all of their patients are stable.

This is sad.

The providers are overwhelmed by the role, greatly overthinking everything, and most suffer from anxiety and depression.

They don't have a billing mindset. They are not happy to get new referrals.

They sometimes have a grossly inflated idea about the documentation.

Perhaps they feel they should be able to fix and solve everything. Very unrealistic.

If you don't have boundaries about what you can do and should do, and don't know how to bill for minor complaints, maybe you should rethink the NP role.

I am in mental health, but I work closely with primary care NPs.

This is a productivity based practice. There are experienced NPs in my group who just barely manage to make 90 grand, and struggle very intensely to do it.

And there are NPs in the same group who make 200 grand or close to it. By seeing the appropriate number of patients.

Stress level: RN vs. NP (2024)
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