Top 14 Best Ice Cream Shops in Paris Whatever the Weather (2023)

Sunshine, love, walks and gelato. We have prepared a list of must-try in Paris when you want ice cream.

First, here are the places located on the map:

Il Gelato del Marchese

2 Rue de Condé, Carr de l’Odéon, 75006 Paris
48 Bd Haussmann, 75009

If you’re near the Saint-Michel district on a sightseeing trip, or simply in the heart of Paris and you’re suddenly craving for Italian gelato, this is the place to go to.

This Italian ice cream parlour offers authentic ice creams made from fresh fruit.

They have quite a few very original flavours, such as parmesan, avocado, tomato, basil… a perfect opportunity to experience some taste!

Special note for the mango, passion fruit and hazelnut flavours.

Instagram: @ilgelatodelmarchese



13 Rue d’Arcole, 75004 Paris (and many others)

This is a must-do at least once in your life. The name of this craftsman is famous from Deauville to Paris.

Its major asset is its flower-shaped ice creams which are very popular with tourists (and locals).

An absolute stopover during your visit to the historical Paris!

Their specialty: their traditional macaroons that always accompany their ice creams.

Instagram: @amorinogelato



31 rue Saint Louis en l’Ile, 75004 Paris

This famous place is known for its delicious ice cream.

Some claim that it is the best ice cream in France! For Parisians and tourists alike, it is a must-go in the capital.

Customers often appreciate the variety of choices: coconut, praline, pistachio, hazelnut, whipped cream… and especially salted butter caramel.

A little tip: start with the flavours you already know and then let yourself be carried away by the explosion of flavours of the more original ones.

(Video) The Best Ice Cream In Los Angeles | Best Of The Best

Instagram: @berthillon_officiel

Site: only)

La Glacerie Paris

13 Rue du Temple, 75004 Paris

As a French ice cream parlour run by one of France’s best craftsmen, it offers delicious and aesthetically pleasing artisanal ice creams. Its smooth and creamy creations with strong flavours are the real asset.

Here, you will find flavours capable to satisfy your palate whether you are 7 or 77 years old.

You will also find exclusive and very unusual limited ice creams, such as the Ardèche chestnut ice cream with a touch of vanilla. Try, try and try again!

Special note for the matcha and mango-vanilla-pistachio ice creams.

Instagram: @laglacerieparis

Site: only)

La Tropicale Glacier

7 Rue de Prague, 75012 Paris

This classy ice cream parlour gives you the opportunity to eat ice cream of an incredible quality that goes far beyond what you normally see.

Using carefully chosen ingredients (organic milk and cream from the Brin d’Herbe farm, sugar from Brazil…), they manage to create unique ice creams (e.g. Thai pineapple and basil) with meticulously thought-out flavours for a result worthy of the Elysée table.

Instagram: @la_tropicale_glacier

Site: only)

Glazed Martyrs

54 Rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris

For the healthier ones, you can enjoy sorbets made from fruit without flavouring agents, for the greedier ones, ice creams made from good farm milk, and for the more curious, their magnificent Skimos: a true summer product.

Skimo is an ice cream stick that you create according to your tastes and desires.

Composed of either sorbet or ice cream and covered with a chocolate glaze (or any other glaze for that matter, it’s up to you), the Skimo is much more than an ice cream, it is truly a jewel to the eyes that will delight the Instagramos.

These small Parisian artisans far surpass what you might think you already know about quality ice cream.

Note for the unusual flavours: there is gherkin, fig leaves, popcorn… and many others since the menu is regularly renewed!

Instagram: @glazed_paris

(Video) Five Unique Ice Cream Treats Londoners Love

Site: (french only)

Mes Petites Folies – Glaces Végétales et Allégées

75002 Paris

Are there any fit girls and boys here? Or animal rights activists? Here is a little gem for all the aficionados of plant-based, healthy and dietetic products.

This ice cream parlour, whose recipes are traditional and whose products are of controlled origin, makes all its products in France.

Gone are the bulgur ice creams (for the less convinced), the ice creams are available in several flavours: plant-based, no added sugar, dairy-free, gluten-free.

They offer light and low-calorie ice creams so that everyone can enjoy them without any guilt. And if you think that “light” means “simple” or “bland”… think again, because these are gourmet masters.

Good news: vegans are not only welcome but very well served!

Special note for the strawberry sorbet and the hazelnut ice cream.

Instagram: @mespetitesfolies


Glace Bachir

58 Rue Rambuteau, 75003 Paris

7 rue Tardieu 75018 Paris (Montmartre)

If you’re on an ice cream tour in Paris, you absolutely must make a stop at this Lebanese ice cream shop.

With 100% organic ingredients and Lebanese know-how, this family-run business has creamy signature ice creams that you can recognise from far away, with their specialty: traditional machta ice cream coated with crushed pistachios.

Instagram: @glace_bachir



31 Bd de Bonne Nouvelle, 75002 Paris

In jars, tubs or in cornet, there’s something for everyone here. Melba is an artisanal ice-cream parlour that offers a wide range of possibilities: from milky ice-creams to sorbets (more than 40 flavours of them), everything is homemade (without artificial colouring, flavouring or chemical preservatives), and served in generous portions.

One special treat is the dark sesame and chocolate ice cream: it is really delicious!

Instagram: @melbaglacier

Site: (french only)

(Video) The 5 BEST ICE CREAMS to buy at DISNEYLAND PARIS | Top 5 best icecream shops

Fruttini by Mo

32 Rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris

There is no innovative concept here, just an old one brought up to date. Fruttini invites you to dive back into the world of frozen fruits. Remember those fruits that are emptied of their pulp and then filled with ice cream?

Here it’s not just a question of frozen lemon, this craftsman offers you a wide range of fruits: dragon fruit, pear, walnut, pomegranate…

A perfect alchemy between aesthetics, taste and diet. They say you should eat 5 fruits a day, right? You’ll never look at fruit in the same way again.

Instagram: @fruttini_by_mo

Site: (french only)


13 rue Antoine Vollon, Paris 75012

Voir cette publication sur Instagram

Une publication partagée par emkipop (@emkipop)

This ice cream shop is 100% Made in France and its products are made in Marseille. EMKI POP follows an overseas concept and revises the ice cream sticks of our childhood by only using whole products from local producers.

Two formats are offered, including a “tasting” format that lives up to its name: the chocolate envelope only partially covers the stick, which leaves room to clearly reveal the flavours.

I especially advise you to try the Green Kiwi and Black Sesame flavours which are to die for.

Instagram: @emkipop

Site: (french only)


59 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, Paris

It is often complex to find several variations of presentation, consumption techniques and ice cream textures in the same ice cream shop.

Glacier 1891’s ice creams are offered in scoops on a cone or in a jar, in an Italian style on a cone, or in the heart of a Monaka. And I can already see you coming: what is a Monaka?

A Monaka is a traditional Japanese pastry that looks like a half-open shell when filled.

This rice flour wafer, which is elegantly moulded into the shape of a flower, was originally supposed to be filled with red bean paste.

Here Glacier 1891 offers you a multitude of flavours.

A new and growing trend that is sure to bring customers to this incredible artisan.

Instagram: @glacier1891paris

Site: only)

(Video) BIG ICE CREAM | Biggest Stick ice making | Watermelon ice | Kiwi ice | Milk ice | Fruit ice Making


15 Rue Saint-Jacques, 75005 Paris

This is for the lovers of colourful and original products. Come and taste the most Kawaii ice cream in Paris. There is everything here: milkshakes, bubble teas, granitas, sodas…

But above all, there are spectacular, not to say artistic, ice creams. The ice creams are divided into two groups: the boxes and the torches.

As for the box, you probably already understand the concept: the ice cream is in a small box, however, you can choose among a multitude of flavors.

Each one has its own world: for example, the Mermaid box is carefully decorated with a chocolate mermaid tail and pearly shells.

As to the torch, it’s nothing too crazy, since the torch is just the cone that holds the ice cream but here too there are many themes and flavours. The most popular is the Ballet Angel Torch surrounded by a cloud of candyfloss.

New little PS for our friends the Instagramos: don’t panic, you won’t spend 10 years wondering which flavour fits your feed best since you can choose the decoration (rather mermaid pink, black chocolate, popcorn cream or other) and the colour of the cotton candy (white, pink or blue).

Instagram: @snowvanparis

Site: (french only)

La Paleteria

4 Rue des Ecouffes, 75004 Paris

Come and taste Mexican ice cream in the middle of the Marais. This colourful district holds many treasures, like this ice cream shop.

This shop takes its name from the typical Mexican stick ice cream: paletas.

Here, they are traditionally made from lots of fresh fruit and a little sweet water.

A perfect match for Le Marais: a rainbow of fruits and flavours.

Instagram: @lapaleteriafr


Top 14 Best Ice Cream Shops in Paris Whatever the Weather (1)


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Top 14 Best Ice Cream Shops in Paris Whatever the Weather? ›

The most common word for French ice cream is “glace.” But you'll also see “crème glacée,” “glace fermière,” “glace artisanale ” (artisanal ice cream), “glace végétale” (vegan ice cream), and sorbet or “sorbet végétal”. Here's an introduction to what all that means.

What is ice cream called in Paris? ›

The most common word for French ice cream is “glace.” But you'll also see “crème glacée,” “glace fermière,” “glace artisanale ” (artisanal ice cream), “glace végétale” (vegan ice cream), and sorbet or “sorbet végétal”. Here's an introduction to what all that means.

What do they call ice cream in France? ›

How to Say Ice Cream in France. In France, they have glace. French ice cream is kind of a hybrid between American ice cream and Italian gelato.

Does Paris have gelato? ›

In Paris their popular gelato can be found in train stations like Gare de Lyon, in parks such as Jardin des Tuileries, and a cluster of shops are found in the Latin Quarter, Rue Cler, the Marais, Rue Commerce, and St Germain.

What is the best time of year to visit Paris? ›

September and October are arguably the best months to visit — brisk breeze seeps into the air, Paris Fashion Week is in full force, and turning leaves line the city's scenic gardens. Nevertheless, cases can be made for traveling to the City of Light in any season.

What is the most popular ice cream in France? ›

French people's taste in ice cream appear to be rather classic. Indeed, the first two favorite flavors are vanilla and chocolate, in that order, while caramel ranks third.

What do Italians call ice cream? ›

Gelato is a frozen treat that hails from Italy; the word "gelato" actually means "ice cream" in Italian.

Why is French ice cream so good? ›

The egg yolk in the so-called French recipe lends the ice cream a richer texture and a more complex flavor than American or Philadelphia-style ice creams, which only contain cream (or milk) and sugar. (The sweeter the ice cream, the more it becomes malleable – or scoopable, to use the industry term.)

Do they eat ice cream in Paris? ›

A hot spell in Paris! In sunny weather, there is nothing like a refreshing ice-cream treat. Here's a small selection of the 'cream' of Parisian ice-cream makers. Divine flavours, innovative textures, inspired recipes ... difficult to resist!

How do you ask for ice in France? ›

You'll usually have to ask if you want ice – for example, De l'eau plate, avec des glaçons, s'il vous plait. (“Still water with ice, please.”). It's possible that the restaurant may not have any, so be prepared.

What is ice cream called in Europe? ›

Italian ice cream or Gelato as it is known, is a traditional and a popular dessert in Italy. Much of the production is still hand-made and flavoured by each individual shop in "produzione propria" gelaterias. Gelato is made from whole milk, sugar, sometimes eggs, and natural flavourings.

What is a French sorbet called? ›

Givré (French for "frosted") is the term for a sorbet served in a frozen coconut shell or hollowed-out fruit, such as a lemon.

What is Walls ice cream called in Europe? ›

In the UK and most parts of Asia, we're known as Wall's. In Italy, you'll see Algida, in Germany we're Langnese, we're Ola in the Netherlands and in Brazil we're called Kibon. But it's the same delicious ice creams wherever you are.


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